Saturday, August 01, 2015
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Our school opened this year. We have sent in our application to join the ITS, but do not have a troupe number yet. We would like to send kids to Thes Con 2010. Is this possible without a troupe number? If so, how do we apply, how many can we send, what do we need to do?
The director of the troupe can register them without a number for now and then we will change to the actual troupe number later when he/she gets the number.

On the Georgia Thespians website, there is a printable Troupe Director's Handbook that answers your questions and more. It also contains instructions for the director to create an account on the website, something he/she has to do before he can begin registration. Registration can be completed only by the director of the troupe. 

What is the Troupe Assessment?  

Troupe Assessment is like troupe dues. Each troupe pays that fee to register for conference. You will see it on the registration form on line when you register your students (it's built in to your total). 

Can I register students as they bring in their materials one by one or do I have to register them all at once online?  

You can do either but we would recommend that you get all of their info/money and then register. You can open the registration and begin the process and continue to work on it before you submit it, however. You will submit when you are finished and then send a copy of the form with your check. You are not officially registered until the Chapter Director gets the fees. 

The forms and fees for the scholarship auditions are not due until one of the planning sessions, correct?  

The scholarship forms and fees (as well as the Agreement Forms) are not DUE until the Jan 9 planning session. (However, you can mail your Agreement Forms at any time if you want to avoid having to turn them in in person). Scholarship forms, however, mist be delivered in person to one of the three possible sites posted on the website by a teacher, parent, or student. 

When I send the form and the payment... should I send one certified check with all the fees included or is it okay to have multiple checks (one certified check per student)?

Most troupes send one check per troupe. Usually the students pay the director and the director puts the money into their school or booster club account. Then the director requests one check for the total.

However, if your students all give you certified bank checks-no personal checks- and they are all made out to Georgia Thespians, that would be okay. The Chapter Director prefers to get one check with registration to make bookkeeping more accurate. 

What is the ratio for students to chaperones?

GA Thespians does not set a ratio. Most school system do, however, and we allow schools to decide that for themselves. But, if when we got a registration form we see a potential problem, we will contact that director.
A common number herd a lot of 1 per 10, or any part of 10. 

Our school is chartering a Thespian Troupe. We have been trying to get this approved by the school since Aug 1 so we would have plenty of time to get our charter, but red tape.....  Anyway we are ready to proceed but it takes three weeks to turn around the charter and we would like to send three students to audition for the Opening Number on Sept. 25/26. Can they still come to this meeting/audition even if our charter is not back yet??

Students have to be Thespians to audition. If you have sent your charter application, ask the home office (specifically David LeFleche or Brian Benz) to notify you as soon as it is approved. Your students can certainly attend the meeting with the State Student Officers.

It would be unfortunate if we allowed students to be cast only to find out later that they are not officially Thespians. We would have to pull them from the Opening Number since only Thespians can attend the conference. We do not allow non-Thespians to perform in the Opening Number.

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